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Special Feature

Reflections on the Writing Life, my 60-year odyssey with the written word

Chester on News Channel 4

Check out this imaginative TV interview that aired on Nashville's NBC outlet


The Bizarre Case of Mass Murderer Charles Manson, Web Mystery Magazine, Fall 2004

Religion in Mysteries Can Be Fun, Mystery Readers Journal, Summer 2004

Discord in Music City, Mystery Readers Journal, Spring 2003

Golden Grad Starts New Career, Tennessee Alumnus, Winter 2003


Cruse'n With Lonnie Interview by Lonnie Cruse

Bellaonline Interview for Designed to Kill by Carolyn Chambers Clark

The Writers Room Interview by Pamela James

Wicked Company Book Preview Club Interview by Claudia McCants

The No Name Cafe Book Review Corner Interview by Lorie Ham

Bellaonline Interview for Secret of the Scroll by Carolyn Chambers Clark

A Modern Take on S.S. Van Dine's Famous Rules

Twenty rules for writing a detective novel by Rina Brundu Eustace

The Crime Lab Project

I've joined with many other crime writers to support the Crime Lab Project that's seeking to get better funding for forensic labs around the country. Let's face it, folks, the reality is not what you see on CSI. Click the logo above to get more info.