Welcome to the home of mystery and thriller novels written by Nashville author Chester D. Campbell. That’s me. As you’ll see in the scrolling covers at right, I currently have eleven books available as ebooks on Amazon. All but one are also in print. There’s also a four-book boxed set for the Greg McKenzie series. The early-evening scene in the photo above is more than window dressing as most of the action in my books takes place around the Nashville area. Unfortunately, the photo is a bit out of date as many more buildings have been added to the skyline. When you drive across town, it looks like a city of cranes.

Come in and explore the site, learn about me and my books, read sample chapters, reviews, plot summaries and lots more. If you’re curious about my background, check out the F.A.Q. page (Facetiously Answered Questions). The Cool Stuff page includes a potpourri of stuff such as articles I’ve written, interviews, a TV feature, and a long treatise titled Reflections on the Writing Life, my 60-year odyssey with the written word. To order signed copies of any book, see the Contact page.

Until now, my published novels have all been parts of a series. My first standalone, a suspense story titled Hellbound, was recently released. It involves a busload of seniors on a church outing to the Big Easy. The bus is stalked by a Mafia hit squad looking for the man who decimated the “family” with his testimony in federal court.

When the bus from a suburban Nashville church heads down the Natchez Trace on a carefree journey to New Orleans, they are unaware that a three-man team of mobsters is playing a deadly game of tag. All except one passenger. The man they know as Bryce Reynolds is really Pat Pagano, a World War II Medal of Honor winner and a successful Las Vegas stockbroker who was lured into handling investments for a New York crime family. After his two grown sons are killed in an attack by a rival gang and his wife succumbs to cancer, Pagano decimates the mob with his testimony in federal court. He disappears, then resurfaces in Nashville as Reynolds, a retired businessman from Oklahoma. But after years of searching, an old Mafia capo tracks Pagano to the church bus en route to the Big Easy.

The book is available on Amazon in ebook or paperback formats here, or you can order it at your local bookstore.

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